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Mural Design Contest

Creative Campaign 

Marketing Assets

February 2023



In this creative campaign I was tasked to be the lead designer in a brand new mural design competition. The county wanted something very bright and colorful to reflect the creativity of the competition. I used every color I could use from our county accent color palette through our brand guide. This project had a quick deadline from start to finish where I had to develop the logo, theme and style of the campaign in just two weeks. From there I worked on a flyer, submission templates, digital ads, social media, web and mobile landing pages, and keeping track of all the incoming submissions. The campaign was a success, as we received over 200 submissions and hundreds of impressions on social media. Out of all the submissions, judges in the county (including me) voted on a top 3 to go to public vote. Once the winner was chosen, they received a cash prize and got to have their designed painted  by a professional muralist at a public park.

Mural Contest - Pattern 1.png
Mural Contest - Pattern 2.png
Mural Contest - Flyer.png
Mural Contest - Submission template_edit
Mural Contest - Unveiling Invite.png
Mural Contest - Iphone mockups 3.png
Mural Contest - Iphone mockups-02.png
Mural Photo.png
Julia Virginia Win.JPG
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