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Creative Campaign Redesign

Marketing Assets

August 2023


For this campaign I was tasked with working on our annual "Quest" campaign that encourages the residents of Middlesex County to explore specific locations through a 2-month long competition. In addition, I suggested that this year we redesign and revamp the competition since I felt it was out a bit outdated and needed a fun update in order to attract more people to participate in the competition. Design work included social media, flyer, landing page, t-shirt and logo redesign. I became the lead designer in creating a new look for the campaign that would reflect how the updated competition would work:


Participants will be given a total of 25 riddles to solve at any time. Each riddle solved reveals a specific location in Middlesex county. Participants must then take a photo of themselves at the location and submit through social media. 10 locations solved results in a prize

(t-shirt) and solving all 25 locations gives you a chance to win the grand prize (Cooler with built-in speakers). 

The revamp of the competition was a success, having the most participants we've had in any year and multiple participants eligible for

the grand prize.

Quest Gallery Image.png
Quest - Map Flyer_Page_1.png
Quest - Map Flyer_Page_2.png
Old Quest - Map Flyer_Page_1.png
Old Quest - Map Flyer_Page_2.png

*Old flyer

Quest - Social Post mockup.png
Mural Contest - Laptop Mockup.png
Quest - tshirt mockup.png
Quest - Magazine Print_edited.png
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