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COMET - High Speed Railways

Branding Project

Branding Guideline Booklet

March 2022



In this branding project I created a company and designed their identity and guidelines. This company, named COMET, would be the U.S.'s first and only high-speed railway system. This company would promote an alternative, eco-friendly, and efficient way of travel. Inspired by the looks and style of airlines, COMET encourages safe travel with a sleek and futuristic look. I designed a Brand Guideline booklet where I dissect the brand's logo, design elements, and show off the company's operations by displaying the bullet trains themselves and a look inside the station.

Comet Brand Guidelines_01.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_02.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_03.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_05.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_07.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_09.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_10.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_11.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_12.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_14.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_16.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_17.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_18.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_19.png
Comet Map_20.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_22.png
Comet Brand Guidelines_24.png
Comet Revised presentation_27.png
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